InfoNet's WebMail


With point-and-click ease, subscribers can access Webmail accounts through any Web browser anytime, anywhere. Universal access, full functionality, secure operation, and elimination of configuration hassles offer an attractive alternative to traditional mail clients.

Security and peace of mind

Easy access, anytime, anywhere WebMail supports the most popular browsers and Web-enabled devices, so subscribers can simply and easily access their mailboxes and calendars on the road, at home or in the office. Security You Can Trust WebMail ensures customers peace of mind with their confidential communications. Preventive security features include secure session IDs, login probe protection, HTML "attachment" filters and automatic browser cache clearing to protect services from malicious users.

Using WebMail

Any InfoNet customer can use WebMail. It's easy, just click the WebMail logo or type in http://infonet.ca/webmail in your address bar. In the main page, enter your email / password click the 'login' button and you're in!